The Lucas Harder Show 64 is a game for the Nintendo 64 first created in 1996, and it was being made when Nintendo announced that Super Mario 64 was being released.




How To Unlock Trevor LawEdit

In the game, Trevor is an unlockable playable character. He is a pretty tough character to unlock, You must beat the game then go to the level Lucas Saves Trevor, then you can see that Trevor is not trapped no more and he is standing beside his house. He will then tell you that he is already rescued. He tells you that he has to save Trevor's dad. go to the Lucas Saves Trevor's Dad Billy, then don't finish the level until it hits ##:#7:##, Then go to the Lucas Saves Trevor level, then he will tell you that Trevor has been unlocked.


  • When you start the game, the music from Pokémon Center plays. This game was originally the owner of the song. It also plays Onett from EarthBound when your usually in city levels. It also owned this song too.