Pikmin Meets The Lucas Harder Show is a Nintendo crossover that was made in 2005. The game features characters from Pikmin and characters from The Lucas Harder Show.


There are characters that can be playable or could support you along the way.

Playable CharactersEdit



The story begins as Captain Olimar & Louie are trying to gather there Pikmin. The Mayor however, invented a time traveler to go to another dimension. Unfortunately, all of the parts were missing! Olimar, Louie, and there Pikmin must go and find the 7 parts while it is timed. Once you find all 7 parts, Olimar, Louie, and there Pikmin time traveled. They time traveled to the city where they found Lucas Harder by his Lucas Harder Show! A Bulborg (An enemy from the Pikmin series. He ate all of Olimar & Lucas's stuff. They all go to the Pikmin Universe to The Lucas Harder Show Universe in a gigantic adventure!